Training – Educational Activities
1997 December 23-27, Tbilisi _ Training seminar “Posttraumatic Stress Disorder”, for specialists, by financial support of the Netherlands UK Embassies in Moscow.

1998 June 25-26, Zugdidi /conflict zone/ _ The Emergency Situations Headquarters of Ministry of Health of Georgia, training – seminar for local specialists, “Trauma, Stress and Victimization, Emergency Therapy”.

2000 May 24, Tbilisi _ Seminar “Psychological Rehabilitation for Prisoners”, financial support -UNV.

2001 November 11, Tbilisi – Seminar “Medical and Psycho – Social Rehabilitation for Prisoners” (financial support of PRI)

2002 May, ICRC/PRI, Training for Prisons’ Doctors, held in Tbilisi

2004 November 12 – 15, Tbilisi; International Training Seminar on Documentation of Torture: “Istanbul Protocol” (IRCT), Local Partner.

2005 July, 2005, Tbilisi, Training for Probation Officers on Case Management – Social Therapy, MDT Work and Rehabilitation;

2005 August 16, 18 _ International Training Seminar on Medical Ethics and Reporting of Torture for Prisons Doctors and Medical Forensic Experts, held in Uzbekistan, Tashkent (IRCT, WHO),

2005 October 19 – 21 – Second International Training Seminar on Medical Ethics and Reporting of Torture for Prisons Doctors, held in Uzbekistan, Tashkent (IRCT, WHO),

2007, Tbilisi: “International instruments and Mechanisms for Prevention and Documentation of Torture” was held in September 29 – 30 at the public Defender’s Office, for the staff of Public Defender and Probation Officers.

2008 August 9 – 11, Tbilisi, 3 days training on Crisis Intervention – war Conflict in Georgia, for doctors and psychologists.

2008 November 28 – 30, Tbilisi, Georgia, Training for Prison Doctors on Prevention, Documentation and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims.

2008 December 5 – 7 , Tbilisi, Georgia, Training for RCT/EMPATHY Staff and consultants (Doctors and Legal Experts), Torture Victims Rehabilitation, Reports according to Istanbul Protocol, International Instruments on Prevention of Torture.

2008 December 17 – 19, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, International Training on Prevention and Documentation of Torture for Forensic Medical Experts and Prison Staff (Doctors and Regime Staff) (IRCT),

2009 April 24 – 26, Kazakhstan, Alma – Ata, International Training for Medical Doctors and legal experts (IRCT)
The special Syllabus on Consequences of torture and documentation according to the Istanbul protocol in year 2009 was in the curricula of psychiatry for medical faculties students in Tbilisi State Medical University and in Tbilisi state University.