ცენტრი „ემპათია“-ს განცხადება COVID – 19 – თან დაკავშირებით
April 10, 2020
პრესს – რელიზი 19/06/2020 2019 წლის 20/21 ივნისის „გავრილოვის ღამის“ სისხლიანი მოვლენების კვლევის წინასწარი შედეგების შესახებ
June 18, 2020

Statement of the “Empathy”


Press release 10/04/2020

Statement of the non-governmental organization Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture

“Empathy” on the fact of gross violation of human rights of people in isolation and / or places of restriction of freedom, including quarantine, with regard to COVID-19


Facts of grave violations of fundamental human rights have been identified in Georgia under the state of emergency, such as alleged torture and ill-treatment towards a person by police in Poti, similar fact has been reported in Terjola; the population is also often concerned about abuse of power with regards to the facts of fines.

It should be noted that in current situation there are no effective control mechanisms, which creates favorable conditions for violations of human rights.

Today the issue of violations of human rights in the conditions of restriction of freedom remains a new challenge all over the world. A number of recommendations have been developed, which indicates that from the medical point of view restrictions should not be used for violation of human rights.

Therefore, we call on the authorities to issue a special regulation in order to ensure solid guarantees of human rights in the given situation.

Besides, we call on the State Inspector to conduct an investigation of the facts of ill-treatment, in accordance with the Convention against Torture and International Standards, which imply the initiation of an investigation under appropriate articles, and not under other – light articles.

We remind you that torture and ill-treatment is not permitted under any circumstances, including state of emergency and a curfew.

We call on victims of ill-treatment to be active and to report any violation to us through the hotline of the “Empathy” Centre and / or by online messenger (Rct.Empathy).

Centre “Empathy”

Hotline: 599 548868 / 599 548828

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