Our mission is to provide medical, psycho – social and legal support for persons – victims as per UN Convention “Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment” article I; as well as victims of violation of international humanitarian law : Refugees, Asylum-Seekers – Victims of Torture; Prisoners, Former Prisoners; State Repressive Victims, etc. We provide support for their family members too
Main Goal – torture persecution and assistance and rehabilitation of the victims of torture is being carried out through resolving the following tasks:
  1. Detection and identification of the Victims of Torture;
  2. Professional documenting of the facts of torture, as per international standards (Istanbul Protocol);
  3. Medical and psycho – social rehabilitation and legal support for Victims of Torture;
  4. Torture prevention – elaboration of special reports and recommendations, public awareness anti-torture campaigns and all necessary legal acts;
  5. Issue of Conclusions regarding Clients’ Health Condition if required, conducting independent medical expertise;
  6. Protection of rights of health professionals and doctors operating in the high risk settings – Penal System, forensic medical expertise, military conflict zones; other medical personnel (these make “High Risk Group” taking into account certain oppression from governmental and law-enforcement institutions)
  7. Training-educational program, that includes professional skills-based training on identification, documenting, diagnosis, expertise, treatment and rehabilitation of torture victims; in prisons – international standards of health care and international medical ethics; also torture prevention and persecution.
  8. Research program: main field – torture consequences and treatment-rehabilitation;
  9. Penal Reform – especially Mental Health System reform in prisons; establishment of psycho-social rehabilitation system for prisoners and former prisoners.
  10. Forensic Medical Expertise Reform, especially Psychiatric Expertise Reform, with implementation of international standard of torture documenting;
  11. Lobbing of amendments to legislation according to international instruments and standards of prevention of torture.