Accomplished Projects

Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Fight against Impunity

Introduction This Report presents summary of outcomes of activities of the RCT/EMPATHY that covers results of two projects: The RCT/EMPATHY’s Project “Strengthening the System of Rehabilitation for Torture Victims in Georgia” and IRCT International Project: “Use of forensic evidence in the fight against torture”. Target country: Georgia, Tbilisi and all regions, including the military conflict zones (Abkhazia, South Ossetia) and surrounding areas (Gori, Pankisi Gorge, Zugdidi, Kodori Gorge), the penal institutions in whole Georgia, part of the action (training component) covered the whole South Caucasian region (Armenia and Azerbaijan.) Mentioned above actions were implemented by the financial support of the European Union, UNVFVT and IRCT/Oak Centre Grants. The RCT/EMPATHY on behalf of its clients highly appreciated support of donor agencies in implementation of the needed activities. This Report is published in the framework of the FEAT project of the IRCT funded by the European Union.

Project: Strengthening the system of Rehabilitation for Torture victims in Georgia Overall objectives of this proposal were: (1) to strengthen the existing non-governmental, nationwide system focusing on complex, based on multi-disciplinary approach (medical, mental/psychological, social and legal redress, forensic medical expertise according to the Istanbul Protocol Principles), rehabilitation for torture victims in Georgia; (2) To increase effectiveness of services, monitoring and evaluation measures; (3) To implement international standards on prevention of torture in Georgia. To implement Istanbul Protocol Principles; UN CAT Articles: Article 1, Article 10, Article 11 - 12, Article 14, Article 16; to provide support for implementation of the UN OP CAT, WMA Declaration adopted by the WMA General Assembly in Copenhagen in 2007, regarding doctor’s obligations to document cases of torture according to the Istanbul Protocol. (4) The program main component is also focused on skills-based training, educational and research programme on Documentation and Prevention of Torture, as well as on rehabilitation, awareness building, and institutional capacity building of EMPATHY and Partners (especially Crisis intervention Centre in Military Conflict Zone in Abkhazia). Specific Objectives: (1) Micro level: For target groups: to provide adequate treatment and rehabilitation, social and legal support to restore their rights to legal redress and compensation; (2) On mezzo level: to strengthen non – governmental comprehensive multi faced rehabilitation system established by the RCT/EMPATHY during the ongoing and previous projects and increasing of effectiveness of the services and offices of the RCT/EMPATHY and other involved RCT/EMPATHY Summary Report 2009 - 2011 4 in the action professional and non – professional stakeholders; (3) On macro level: project will focused on development of the training – educational, research and lobbing activities and will make significant contribution on the fight against torture in Georgia and in development of the rehabilitation and torture documentation standards in generally, especially, in whole South Caucasian Region. Project was implemented in whole Georgia, including the military conflict zones, Para – military zones, penal institutions; The training – educational component will cover the Doctors “at risk” from other South Caucasian Countries: Azerbaijan and Armenia. Main target groups were the torture victims and their family members, including second generation, according to the UN CAT Article 1; special attention should be paid to the civilian population still living in the military conflict zones, especially from Ethnic Cleaning Region (Abkhazia) prisoners with experience of torture and ill – treatment; women and children with ill – treatment, sexual abuse and sexual harassment experience.

Summary report of 2009 – 2011 – (English PDF)