Innovations and Research

Unique to any other program in the FSU, this program of the Centre includes rehabilitation efforts for victims who are still inside the penitentiary system, as well as for free, or never incarcerated victims. The model of Centres and programme of psycho – social and medical examination, treatment and rehabilitation already is established by the EMPATHY in Georgian Penal System in Women Colony, in Juvenile Colony, in Tbilisi Pre – Trial Prison; As well as the special programme of independent forensic medical and mental/psychological expertise for torture survivors is already functioning and will be developed that is the innovation activity not only in Georgia, but in other post - soviet countries. The model of identification and rehabilitation of torture victims’ first time in Georgia is set upped in Military Conflict zone in Gali and the above project includes development and sustainability of these activities.

Research Papers on these activities is presented on XI, XII, XIII, XIV World Congress of Psychiatry in Hamburg 1999, in Yokohama 2002; in Cairo and in Prague,  As well at the VIII European Conference on Traumatic Stress; Is published in several International and Local Professional Journals.  Is presented on European Network Meetings of VoT Rehabilitation Centres.