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May 17, 2013
26 June – UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
July 9, 2013



June 26 has been proclaimed by UN as International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. This day is commemorated on annual basis in more than 70 countries of the world, including Georgia, where we have been commemorating this day for the last decade. The action is coordinated by International Council for Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture (Denmark, Copenhagen), which is umbrella organization, uniting more than 70 centers for rehabilitation of victims of torture.

In given regard the center Empathy is disseminating public address, in which it calls upon the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to investigate facts of torture in speedy, adequate and effective manner. Prosecutor General, 2013. The center Empathy also calls upon the Ministry of Justice to elaborate draft law on prevention and investigation of cases of torture, which would be in compliance with international standards and submit it for consideration and approval to the Parliament of Georgia. The center also applies to the Prime Minister and the parliament of Georgia with request of setting up of a special commission which shall be responsible for supervision over effective investigation of cases of torture.  Government of Georgia , 2013

After divulging of videos containing images of cruel torture of convicts in September of 2012 and identification in Zugdidi hiding place of evidence, confirming facts of horrific torture it became clear to the public, that torture was a problem of systemic nature within the law enforcement bodies and penitentiary system of Georgia.  Although, taking into consideration of the fact, that on June 14 of 2013 Tbilisi City Court came up with decision of inadequate punishment for  16 executioners, some of whom were released from responsibility, and the most severe sentence – namely deprivation of liberty for the term of 6 years and 9 month was adopted in regard to only one of the executioners,  while others were sentenced to deprivation of liberty for the term of 1 year and 3 months and some of them were not event restricted from occupying of public positions,  adequacy and impartiality of investigation or court decisions is causing strong doubts. From the information made public by Tbilisi City Court through website it is not clear what charges were brought against these offenders and whether they were charged with offence, provided by article 1441 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (torture). Consequently, it is not clear who shall be held responsible for inadequacy of court decisions, the Prosecutor’s Office, the court of both of them?!


We consider that cases of torture should be investigated in speedy, effective and impartial manner as provided by auricles 11 and 12 of the UN Convention against Torture. 

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