Working group: Network Against Torture.
March 27, 2012
VIII conference “World without Torture”
June 23, 2012

First meeting of medical and legal experts’ working group: Network Against Torture.


Press – Release

The International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT, Denmark, Copenhagen) in cooperation with the Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture “Empathy” (RCT/EMPATHY, Georgia) within the framework of program “Use of forensic evidences for the fight against torture” (program is funded by the EU, EIDHR/2007/71) organized first meeting of medical and legal experts’ working group: Network Against Torture.

The meeting was held on March 31, 2012, 10.30. – 14.00., conference hall of Courtyard Marriot, Freedom Square 4, Tbilisi, 0105, Georgia.

The Working Group of Health Experts and legal Experts – Against Torture was established during the roundtable meeting hold in March 31, 2012. The main aim of the newly established Anti – Torture Network will be improvement of Georgian legal System in the Field of Torture, especially in connection of Istanbul Protocol – Using the Forensic Evidences in the Fight against Torture. The significant topics for discussion were improvement of the Forensic Evaluation Regulations, achievement of independence of forensic evaluation system in Georgia, implementation of WMA Resolution of Helsinki on Doctors’ obligation toward to Torture and Hamburg Declaration regarding implementation of protection standards toward to doctors working “at risk’.

The founders of Network Against Torture were: IRCT, RCT/EMPATHY, Georgia, GMA, Association of Forensic Doctors’ of Georgia and Human Rights Priority, the working group will be opened for medical experts and legal experts that would be pleased to join this group. You are Welcome to join us!

Contact Persons: Dr. Mariam Jishkariani, (RCT/EMPATHY, Georgia) 995 599 51 63 00

Mr. Asger Kjaerum, Legal Coordinator of the Project, IRCT