არასამთავრობო ორგანიზაცია – ცენტრი „ემპათია“-ს საგანგებო განცხადება
November 11, 2020
არასამთავრობო ორგანიზაცია – ცენტრი „ემპათია“-ს პრეს-რელიზი
December 24, 2020

Non-Governmental Organization RCT ‘’EMPATHY” Special Statement


Non-Governmental Organization RCT ‘’EMPATHY”

Special Statement


Continuous Violence against Kveladze Family


On November 10, 2020, at 21:00, yet another act of violence was committed against the Kveladze family, expressed in the direct attack. The organized group of abusers, attacking Kveladzes on September 29, 2020 was once again mobilized nearby the Kveladzes’ house. It is noteworthy that the violence against Lasha Kveladze and Givi Kveladze by the local government representatives occurs permanently as the victims are the active members of the opposition political party – United National Movement.

According to Lasha Kveladze, Amiran Giorgadze – the chairman of the Marneuli Municipality council, under the alcohol influence, went the the Kveladzes’s house together with his entourage and started shouting insulting phrases toward Kveladze’s family. The group also included: Marneuli city council lawyer – Shermadin Bochoidze, head of the military conscription service – Vazha Shubitidze, Temur Shubitidze, Tariel Darbaidze, Andro Jokhadze.

Precisely the above-mentioned persons were involved in the act of violence against Kveladzes on September 29, 2020 when Mr. Givi Kveladze was severely beaten, physical violence was carried out against Mr. Lasha Kveladze and his vehicle was heavily damaged. The investigation on this fact is still vague and ineffective. The Kveladzes appealed to the local police regarding the incident of November 10, 2020, however they did not receive any information about the investigation process, namely – the legal qualification of the fact.

The center “Empathy” supports the Kveladze family and in order to protect their legal interests addresses:

  1. The public defender of Georgia to respond to the facts of the politically motivated violence against the Kveladzes’ family and the ineffective investigation;
  2. The state inspector of Georgia, as the case includes numerous facts of violence committed by the representatives of the local government structures and ineffective investigation by the local police, which poses an imminent threat to the Kveladzes’s family;
  3. To the prosecutor general’s office of Georgia to respond to the ineffective investigation of the politically motivated violence against Kveladze’s family and take all necessary measures.