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November 14, 2014
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November 21, 2014

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Workshop on Traumatic Stress, Torture Outcomes and Holistic Rehabilitation  – was participated 54 person.


On November 15 of 2014 in the Training Center of the Ministry of Justice (Sandro Euli Street No3a) was held workshop on Outcomes of Torture and Rehabilitation. The workshop was focused on the model of re-socialization of convicts, former convicts and persons in conflict with the law, which is broadly recognized in EU countries. During the workshop was also covered following issues: legal and medical aspects as provided by the Istanbul Protocol; impact of torture and rehabilitation measures; the so called vicarious trauma prevention and documentation of torture in compliance with international standards. 

In the workshop was participated: psychologists and social workers of the Crime Prevention Center of the Ministry of Justice, totally 25 persons, representatives of those NGOs – 5 persons, which work on the issues of re-socialization of offenders and students of psychiatric department of Tbilisi State Medical University – 7 persons (from Tbilisi and regions) and 12 persons from RCT/EMPATHY and 5 persons – Trainer/Facilitators.

The workshop was organized by the center Empathy and the Crime Prevention Center of the Ministry of Justice. The workshop was supported by the Center for Victims of Torture (CVT, USA), which is funded by the USAID Head Office in Washington. The workshop was conducted within the framework of the Program of the Center Empathy “Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation of the Offenders”, funded by the European Commissions. 

The 3-day workshop was opened by the Director of the Crime Prevention Center of the Ministry of Justice Mr.Joni Kvinikadze, also EU Representative was attending the closing session and awarding ceremony. During the workshop presentations was made by the President of the Center Empathy Dr. Mariam Jishkariani, Director of the Training Center of the Penitentiary Department Ms. Maia Khasia, the clinical advisor of the USA Center for Victims of Torture Mr. David Gangsei PhD, psychiatrist of the Center Empathy Dr. George Berulava, and forensic-medical expert Associated Professor Dr. Rusudan Beriashvili PhD. The presentations was made on the following topics: national and international standards of torture, management of PTSD, issues related to communication with persons subjected to torture, key principles of the Istanbul Protocol, psychological aspects of torture, experience of European countries and etc. 

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Ms. Nino Mikiashvili 

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