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August 12, 2013
Press Release (19.06.2014)
June 19, 2014

Press – Release: Caucasian Anti – Torture Network – Project Presentation


The Presentation of the Caucasian Regional Anti – Torture Project of the RCT/EMPATHY will take place on October 31, 2013 at the Court Yard Marriott Hotel from 11 till 14.00. (Registration of Participants 10.30 – 11.00).

  • The national, international, governmental and donor agencies will present their attitude and vision toward to the holistic approaches on the fight against torture.
  • The Mass Media, national governmental, civil society and international agencies are invited to participate in this Event.
  • The Art work sale – exhibition of victims of ethnic cleansing and former prisoners will take place during this Event.

On  August 2013 the RCT/Empathy launched a new three-year EC-funded project on amount EUR 1,225000 (EU Contribution EUR 980,000, Co – Funded by the UNVFVT, CVT (USAID), IRCT/Oak Foundation) Caucasian Anti – Torture Network: Multi Rehabilitation Services for Torture Victims and Fight Impunity ».

Overall Objective of this proposal is to create a sound foundation for a non – governmental, region-wide Caucasian Anti – Torture Network focusing on fighting Impunity through strengthening and developing links between comprehensive multi-disciplinary rehabilitation services, prevention and accountability with strong advocacy and communication strategies.

Specific objectives are: (1) To develop multi-disciplinary rehabilitation services for torture survivors across the entire Caucasian region, (2) To strengthen advocacy campaigns, reporting, research and capacity building through skills-based training/educational programmes and awareness campaigns for implementation of international standards on  prevention of torture (UN CAT Articles, International Humanitarian Law, Istanbul Protocol, WMA Declarations and Resolution, CoE Standards, OP CAT Mechanisms, etc); (3) To strengthen accountability through implementation of standards of documentation of torture according to the Istanbul Protocol and strategic litigations in national, regional and international Courts for restoration of victim rights, remedy and reparation, and prosecution of perpetrators.

Local Partners in Caucasus Region are: Azerbaijan Medical Association, Foundation Against Violation of Law (FAVL, Armenia), Regional Human Rights Public Organization “Niiso” (“Justice”) – Grozny, Chechnya (Russian Federation) and The Crisis Intervention Centre of Women’s Association (Georgia/Abkhazia) 

International Partners: CVT (USA), IRCT (Denmark, Copenhagen), PRI (South Caucasian Office)

Contact Details:
Phone: +(995 32) 238 1015
Facebook: Rct.Empathy