პრეს – რელიზი19 მაისის შუალედურ არჩევნებთან დაკავშირებით
May 15, 2019

Press-Release Regarding documenting facts of violence


Press-Release of the NGO Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Torture “Empathy” (RCT/EMPATHY)

 Regarding documenting facts of violence related to May 19 midterm elections

  The MDT of the RCT/Empathy is ready to accept and document any fact of violence – physical or psychological, related to the midterm elections of May 19 and provide medical, psycho-social and legal assistance to victims.

 Victims can contact us: Hot Line: 599 885468; 599885428

Tbilisi:  23 Kandelaki str., Office of RCT/Empathy

 On May 18-19-20, in Zugdidi:

 3 Lazi str., NGO Association “Dea”,

 1 Petre Uberi str., NGO “Xenoni”

 Regarding facts of pressure on peaceful population, related to elections, RCT/Empathy addresses to the Government:  Intimidation of society by physical or psychological methods, according to international standards, is considered as torture and inhuman treatment, therefore, it’s a criminal act. We urge you adequately react to and prevent any kind of violence.


Press Release On Election’s Day Empathy English