ცენტრი „ემპათია“-ს საგანგებო განცხადება
March 17, 2021
ცენტრი „ემპათიას“ ორიგინალური კვლევა 2019 წლის 20-21 ივნისის მოვლენებთან დაკავშირებით
April 8, 2021

Special Statement of RCT “Empathy”


Special Statement of RCT “Empathy”

Concerning the death of a nurse Nargiza Abutidze


RCT “Empathy” responds to the death of a Gali district clinic nurse – Nargiza Abutidze and expresses deep condolences and concern about the said event.

We explain that in the Gali district clinic, Nargiza Abutidze was diagnosed with the symptoms of a jheart attack. Since receiving the appropriate medical service was impossible on-site, the decision was to transport her to the territory controlled by the Georgian government. Instead of receiving the proper treatment, according to the rooted practice, Nargiza Abutidze was placed in a Covid quarantine zone, where she passed away.

The death of Nargiza Abutidze is bluntly connected to the Georgian government’s unconscious practice to place individuals transporting from Abkhazia Autonomous Republic, passing the Enguri Bridge to the Zugdidi district in a quarantine zone, according to which obligation, every person is required to be placed in a quarantine zone, without the appropriate examination.

RCT “Empathy” urges the Georgian government to cancel the established practice of the people transporting from Abkhazian autonomous Republic and in the framework of Geneva international Discussions, open a matter on introducing the humanitarian mechanism, which will allow the civilians to move freely.

RCT “Empathy” sends condolences to the family of Nargiza Abutidze.

Hot line: Centre “Empathy” 599 885468/28