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საოკუპაციო რეჟიმის მიერ მაია ოთინაშვილის გატაცებისა და უკანონო თავისუფლების აღკვეთის შესახებ
October 2, 2018
საგანგებო განცხადება საოკუპაციო რეჟიმის მხრიდან გატაცებების გახშირებასთან დაკავშირებით
October 4, 2018

Special Statement of the Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Torture RCT/EMPATHY

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Special Statement of the Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Torture RCT/EMPATHY

 Regarding Kidnapping and Illegal Deprivation of Liberty to Maia Otinashvili by the Occupation Regime


 According to the news, spread on September 29, 2018, Mrs. Maia Otinashvili, member of our beneficiary family, was kidnapped from the Occupational Line. 

According to our information available today, Mrs. Maia Otinashvili is still not liberated.


The RCT/EMPATHY has repeatedly mentioned, that system response is necessary on kidnapping, illegal deprivation of liberty and inhuman treatment facts, what took almost daily character.


The RCT/EMPATHY calls upon once more to the Government to take adequate measures, with the involvement of the international community, for immediate liberation of Mrs. Maia Otinashvili, also to elaborate system approach to the occupational line security issues with the involvement of  international and domestic organizations. 


Press Release October 2 2018 ENG