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ცენტრი „ემპათია“ -ს განცხადება ქვეყანაში პრორუსული და რუსული აგრესიის უკიდურესი გააქტიურების შესახებ
March 13, 2018
Archil Tatunashvili Case
ცენტრი „ემპათია“ – ს განცხადება არჩილ ტატუნაშვილის ექსპერტიზასთან დაკავშირებით
March 21, 2018

The Statement of the “Empathy” regarding extreme activating of pro-Russian and Russian aggression

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The Statement of the Psycho-Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Torture, Violence and Pronounced Stress Impact “Empathy” regarding extreme activating of pro-Russian and Russian aggression

On the 13th of March, 2018, in the event of Civil Society Day in the Parliament of Georgia, the head of the Centre “Empathy” applied to the Georgian Parliament with the following initiative:  

  1. In conditions of continuous and progressive Russian occupation, in view of Stockholm-like syndrome existing problems, what’s characteristic for the Post Soviet population, we consider necessarily to adopt Lustration Law with relevant legislative measures, what implies various arrangements, among them prohibition of activities of pro-Russian and Russian political parties, mass-media or other institutions in Georgia.
  2. In the same time the head of the Centre “Empathy” called upon again the Parliament of Georgia for reflecting in the wording of the Resolution on Occupation application to the prosecutor of International Criminal Court regarding enlargement of the geographical and time scope of investigation of war crimes committed during the Russian-Georgian War.


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