November 20, 2015
General information about ongoing project 2013-2016
June 24, 2016

Press Release


From April 27 – 30, 2016 the World Psychiatric Association Regional Conference will be held in Tbilisi  where in several workshops issues focusing on rehabilitation of torture victims will be discussed.

In the framework of the Conference following Events will take place:  

  1. April 27, 2-16. 10.30. – 14.00. Ballroom, Pre – Conference workshop: Torture, Holistic Rehabilitation and the Istanbul Protocol Leading by Prof. Thomas Wenzel, University of Vienna and Dr. Mariam Jishkariani, RCT/EMPATHY, Georgia
  2. April 28, Thursday, 12:00 – 13:30, Room 5: Section Symposium: Refugee Trauma and Torture, Leading by Dr. Lilla Hardy, Cordelia Foundation, Hungary and Dr. Mariam Jishkariani
  3. April 29, Friday, 17:00 – 18:30, Room 5: Section Symposium: The Istanbul Protocol Implementation in Forensic Psychiatry – Challenges and Perspective – Leading by Dr. Thomas Wenzel and Dr. Lilla Hardi

22 participants from 6 Countries of Caucasian and Central Asian Regions are invited by the RCT/EMPATHY for participation in the listed events.

In the framework of those events professionals from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russian Federation (Chechnya), Kirghizstan and Tajikistan, Austria, Hungary and USA will share their experience and increase knowledge on issues of holistic rehabilitation for torture victims, as well as documentation and forensic medical and psychiatry/psychological assessment of cases of torture. Additionally, issues of traumatic stress among forcibly migrants, related with Crisis with Syrian Refugees, Russian – Georgia War 2008 Victims (Investigation in 2015 started by the ICC) will be discussed as well.

Presentations will be made by following experts:

Prof. Thomas Wenzel, Medical University of Vienna,  Member and Past-chair of the WPA Section “Torture Psychological Consequences and Persecution, Chair EU Awareness Raising and Training for the Istanbul Protocol (ARTIP) Programme)

Dr. Lilla Hardi, Director of the Cordelia Foundation, Hungary, IRCT International Expert, Member and Past Co – Chair of the WPA Section “Torture Psychological Consequences and Persecution” 

Dr. Mariam Jishkariani, RCT/EMPATHY, PHR Expert, Member and Past Executive Board Member of the WPA Section “Torture Psychological Consequences and Persecution” 

Dr. Barry H. Roth, M.D., Program in Psychiatry and the Law, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Aram Hovsepyan “Foundation against the Violation of Law” NGO, Armenia

Clinical Psychologist, Lilit Gevorkyan, FAVL, Armenia

Dr. Rusudan Beriashvili, PhD, Associate Professor of the Tbilisi State Medical University, PHR, IRCT Expert

Dr. Asanbaeva Elmira, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy, department of psychiatry, psychotherapy and necrology, Bishkek.

 Dr. Kim Alexander, Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University, department of   medical psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, Bishkek.


This project is funded by the European Union (amount 7 000 EUR was spend to organize those events) in the framework of the Regional Project “Caucasian Anti – Torture Network and Fight Impunity”.  Participants of the conference are also co – funded by the OSI Tajikistan and Kirgizstan with collaboration of Physicians for human Rights (USA), Central Asian Project.  

The workshop is organized by the WPA scientific Section “Torture Psychological Consequences and Persecution” and the Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Torture “Empathy” (RCT/EMPATHY, Georgia)


The workshop will take place at the Radisson Blue Iveria Hotel, 1 Rose Revolution Square, Tbilisi. http://wpatbilisi.ge/ , from 11.  Until 14.00.

Contact Details:


Dr, Mariam Jishkariani


E – mail: eka@empathy.ge

Facebook Mariam Jishkariani, Rct.Empathy



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