Press Release
June 25, 2015
Press Release
June 28, 2015

Statement of the RCT/EMPATHY – The Training on Istanbul Protocol in Yerevan Postponed


Due to the created unlike political circumstances in Yerevan the partner organizations: IRCT, FAVL and RCT/EMPATHY decided to postpone the training that should be held on June 30 – July 1, 2015 in Yerevan for better understanding new needs of the CSOs and professional associations taking in consideration current and possible developments in Armenia.

On the other hand the RCT/EMPATHY with local partner FAVL in the framework of the EIDHR project are able to support of possible victims of ill – treatment, to provide documentation of cases according to the Istanbul Protocol, as well as legal assistance if required. The RCT/EMPATHY consider mission visit to FAVL for support in documentation of cases, if needed.

We hope the situation in Armenia will not be worsened and all responsible parties will take responsibility to protect universal human rights.

The RCT/EMPATHY urge all responsible parties in Armenia to respect peace, freedom and well – being of civilians.
Dr. Mariam Jishkariani
The Director of the RCT/EMPATHY
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