Press Release
June 28, 2015
News RCT/EMPATHY October 16, 2015 on Investigation Russian – Georgian War 2008 Crimes by the ICC
October 16, 2015

Statement of the RCT/EMPATHY’s president Dr. Mariam Jishkariani in connection to the prisoners naked searching procedures


Today in the TV channel Rustavi 2 was declared by the Minister of Corrections of Georgia that searching of new arrived prisoners in naked condition is according to the Istanbul Protocol Principles.

We consider that it is incorrect decision, because of the Istanbul Protocol does’ not includes any procedures of searching of inmates.

The Istanbul Protocol is UN Guideline for effective investigation and documentation of torture and ill treatment.

Unfortunately we should stated that the incorrect interpretation of the Istanbul Protocol takes place in Georgia not only from the side of the Ministry of Corrections, but also by the side of the Public Defender as well, because of excluding of documentation procedures from the mission of the NPM Georgia.

In the same time not existing in the Country independent monitoring bodies creates non transparent environment in respect of protection of human rights in close facilities, among them in Police and in Prison and creates good environment for increased  ill –treatment facts in Georgia.

Once again we deeply regret toward such kinds of developments in Georgia and urge to the international and intergovernmental agencies to make necessary measures and steps to prevent stage back developments in respect of human rights in Georgia.

News Empathy August 2015, ENG