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December 16, 2022
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January 22, 2023

16/12/2022 “Empathy” center’s statement about the 3rd president of Georgia, a person in custody, currently a patient of “Vivamedi” clinic Mikheil Saakashvili


16/12/2022 “Empathy” center’s statement about the 3rd president of Georgia, a person in custody, currently a patient of “Vivamedi” clinic Mikheil Saakashvili

Center “Empathy” conducted the forensic medical examination of Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili at the request of the lawyers defending his interests. 17 local and international experts participated in the examination. The expert report was delivered to the party appointing the expert on November 29, 2022. Additionally, as part of the examination, the conclusion of the US toxicologist was also presented, which was made public.

Forensic medical examination, by local or international standards, is an independent activity, in particular, experts are subjects of independent professional activity and do not represent any party; Accordingly, our conclusion could not be agreed upon with any party, including the administration of the “Vivamedi” clinic (penitentiary service contractor clinic).

In the course of the examination, taking into account the principle of collegiality, the experts of the “Empathy” center cooperated and shared opinions with colleagues of the “Vivamedi” clinic, professionals involved in patient management. Our diagnoses were shared with them.

For 7 months, the patient’s condition did not improve in the “Vivamedi” clinic, on the contrary, his health condition worsened. Due to the complexity of the case and the possibility of intoxication, despite many diagnoses, it was not possible to determine the etiological factors. Accordingly, symptomatic and maintenance therapy is being carried out, which cannot prevent the progression of severe diagnoses.

At the same time, during the stay of the patient in the “Vivamedi” clinic, there was a gross violation of the “Law of Georgia on Patient Rights” (Chapter V. Confidentiality and inviolability of personal life: Article 27 – the provider of medical services is obliged to protect the confidentiality of information about the patient at his disposal, both during the patient’s life, even after his death) and disclosure of sensitive footage and video recordings to the patient, which is considered a violation of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights and is a classic example of degrading treatment. “Vivamedi” clinic failed to prevent the mentioned violation, moreover, the clinic did not even make a statement in this direction, which is at least equivalent to “silent consent”.

Therefore, taking into account the complex and combined diagnoses and incorrect management, it is a fact that the “Vivamedi” clinic, a contractor institution of the penitentiary service, cannot provide proper management and treatment of the patient’s health condition, in relation to the said patient, it cannot function independently of the penitentiary service.

Taking into account the probability of intoxication and the continuous torture and improper treatment of Mikheil Saakashvili, psychological pressure and blackmail, taking into account the severe diagnoses and the ineffectiveness of the treatment, we think that Mikheil Saakashvili should be immediately diverted from the Georgian prison system.

Center “Empathy” experts; Mariam Jishkariani

Below are the patient’s rights, which must be exercised unconditionally in the case of Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili: Law of Georgia on Patient’s Right,to%20make%20a%20conscious%20decision.