The main methods of diagnostic are:
  • Clinical/structured interview method
  • If necessary – various para-clinical-instrumental / laboratory  investigation methods
  • Psychological surveys and tests (subjective and objective):
- PTSD (Watson et all, 1991);
- Civilian Mississippi Questionnaire
- Harvard Trauma Questionnaire (Mollica et all, 1992).
- Bass – Durk Aggression Inventory
- Hamilton Depression Rate Scale
- Beck Depression Inventory
- Shikhan and Taylor Anxiety Scales
- If necessary, other instruments (including neuropsychological tests)

For Children and adolescents:
- PTSD (Slight et all; 1991)
- “Hand test”
- “Lusher test”

The center is registered and licensed at the Ministry of Health, labor and Social Welfare of Georgia.
The Centre has special treatment – rehabilitation standards.
The results of treatment and rehabilitation are evaluated by recurring dynamic clinical/structured examination, by recurring instrumental/lab researches, by re-testing. The Centre has also elaborated “Client’s Feedback Questionnaire” and Centre Report form. The documentation also includes different Medical Forms prepared by the Centre and their utilization.