Torture Prevention

Information and Prevention:
 Special Publication and Campaigns:

  • Recommendations for War Victims. Tbilisi 1997. (Financial support – Netherlands Embassy in Moscow).
  • Practical Recommendations for Specialists on PTSD. Tbilisi 1997. (Financial support – Netherlands Embassy in Moscow).
Brochures were published in Georgian and Russian. There were distributed in Georgia, including in conflict zones, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, in the Caucasian Region, Armenia, Azerbaijan, North Ossetia, and in Moscow, with support from the OSCE Mission to Georgia, NRC and Association of Women Refugees Consent. The brochures were presented at the meeting of the GIP in the Netherlands, in 1998.
Main Publications:
  1. The Actual Problems of Psychiatry /Anniversary Collection/, Tbilisi, 1995: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
  2. Bechterev Review of Psychiatry and Medical psychology, St. Petersburg, 1996, N2: Problems of Psycho-Rehabilitation of Children and Adolescents – Refugees from Abkhazia and South Osetia.
  3. Social and Clinical Psychiatry, Moscow, 1997, V.7, N4: PTSD Clinical Features in Childhood.
  4. Collection”Legia and Company” University, Tbilisi, 1998, V.2: Preliminary Results of the Psychiatric Investigation of Forcibly Displaced Persons during the Military Conflicts in the Republic of Georgia.
  5. Recommendations for War Victims, Tbilisi, 1997. /Brochure/.
  6. Practical Recommendations for Specialists on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Tbilisi, 1997, /Brochure/.
  7. The Actual Problems of Psychiatry /Collection/, Tbilisi, 1998: Some Features of Psycho- Social Disturbances among Refugees after War Conflict in Abkhazia.
  1. Georgian – Germany Symposium, Collection, Tbilisi, 1997, p.124-130: Features of Depression Disturbances among IDPs and Refugees
  2. The Actual Problems of Psychiatry, Collection, Tbilisi, 2000, p.126-134: Features of Mental Health Problems among Women Prisoners. Some Approaches to Psycho-Rehabilitation
  3. X World Congress of Psychiatry, 1996, Madrid 23-28, Abstract Book, V.2. P.101, Poster: Neural-Psychical Disorders among IDPs after War Conflicts in Georgia.
  4. Mental Health Economics and Psychiatric Practice in Central and Eastern Europe, Warsaw, Polish Academy of Sciences, August 3-5,1999, Oral Presentation, P.20: Some Problems of Traumatic Stress and Human Rights in Georgia
  5. XI World Congress of Psychiatry, Hamburg, August 6-11, 1999, Abstracts Volume II, Violence, Trauma and Victimisation, FC-18-2, Oral Presentation: Traumatic Stress among War Survivors.
  7. XII World Congress of Psychiatry, Yokohama 24 – 29, Abstract Book, V2, Torture Psychological Consequences, “Traumatic Stress among Women Prisoners – Torture Victims”.
  8. VIII European Conference on Traumatic Stress, Abstract Book p.249.
  9. Booklets of the Psycho-Rehabilitation Center “Empathy”, published by the financial support Netherlands UKEmbassies in Moscow, in Georgian and Russian Languages.
  10. WPA XIII World Congress of Psychiatry: Abstract Book: “Torture psychological Outcomes in Georgia: A Relative Study: Prisoners and War Victims”;
  11. International Standards for Health Care in Prison, Tbilisi, 2005.
  12. Torture; Outcomes of Torture; Diagnostic, Expertise, Treatment and Rehabilitation, Tbilisi, 2005
  13. “Istanbul Protocol” – Georgian Translated Version, Tbilisi, 2004, Member of the Editorial Committee for Adaptation of Georgian Version.
  14. Annual Report of the RCT/EMPATHY, Georgia, 2004 – 2005; Tbilisi, 2005.
  15. Annual Report of the RCT/EMPATHY, Georgia, Tbilisi, 2006.
  16. Special Annual Report of the RCT/EMPATHY, Georgia, Tbilisi, 2007.
  17. Annual Report 2007, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2007
  18. International Instruments and Mechanisms for the Fight against Torture (IRCT, Last Updated July 4,Copenhagen, 2007), Georgian Translated Version, Tbilisi 2007, Member of the Editorial Committee for Adaptation of Georgian Version.
  19. Health Care in Prison (International and National Standards), Guidelines for Monitors (Second Edition, Tbilisi 2007).
  20. Torture, Outcomes, Diagnostic, Expertise, Treatment and Rehabilitation (Second Edition, Tbilisi 2007).
  21. Special Report: War in Georgia, 2008 September, Tbilisi, Georgia
  22. Updated Special Report, December 2008, Consequences of Russian Brutal Military Attacks in Georgia.
  23. Annual Report of the RCT/EMPATHY, 2008
  24. Torture, Consequences, Diagnostic, Expertise and Rehabilitation, Handbook for Clinicians – Tbilisi, 2008
  25. Annual Report 2009, RCT, EMPATHY, Tbilisi 2010.